From the stove directly to the table


The HOTPAN cooks with variable heat without making you hot
and bothered because the HOTPAN is the pot that cooks almost
entirely by itself! It carefully prepares meals and keeps them
warm for up to 2 hours. What is more, its contemporary design
adds a splash of colour to your kitchen.


For the colder days


The attractively designed Vitrifeu cast ironware is
ideal not only for cooking, but also for serving, and
here again its excellent heat retention is most useful.


He is the best!

Safety Master opener

Makes opening cans, bottles and more clean,
safe and fun. A super-handy version of our
self-attaching Auto Safety LidLifter®.
Opens everything!


Because love is expressed by food

Pocket Maker

We imprint out mark on our favorite snacks!


RedDot award-winning design

Ratchet Cheese Grater

Simply insert cheese into easy-to-open door
and move ratchet back and forth. Done it!


Professional-quality carbon steel!

Black Star

A true professional suitable for Swiss «Rösti»
and excellent frying

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