Fondue - Experience cosy and culinary fondue evenings

Kuhn Rikon - 14. September 2011

Stylish design and still really cosy? Contradictions are known to attract each other. Kuhn Rikon provides the ideal combination of elegant aesthetics and Swiss quality. The fondue range is varied and includes high-quality products for cheese and meat fondue gourmets. With the well-chosen Kuhn Rikon fondue line, every evening becomes an unforgettable culinary event. Immerse yourself in the Kuhn Rikon world and experience the variety.
Kuhn Rikon presents its varied range in the cheese fondue range for cosy and culinary fondue moments. The varied pot range was expanded by more than half last year, in particular by some induction-enabled models. The induction-enabled pot Karo Hirsch is remarkably beautiful and has a perfect shape. All ceramic pots convince with classic and modern designs. The decor was designed by the Swiss design team and stylishly implemented for every pot. The colourful aluminium pots with non-stick coating are also a real looker.

The Suisse and Modern cheese fondue sets, which consist of a pot, food warmer, forks and filled paste burner, make it a difficult choice. With the Suisse set, the Swiss decor with the special red glazing is the most popular set product. The new Modern model makes a statement with its two-colour glazing and special shape. Feel free to take another look.

It goes without saying that Kuhn Rikon offers excellent sets for lovers of meat fondue. The most popular models continue to include the Sphere meat fondue pot in a ball shape and made from noble chrome steel – perfectly suited to preserve heat for long fondue chinoise evenings. The newly launched Wood model also appeals, not least thanks to its simple and beautiful design and the combination of steel and high-quality cherry wood. The Flame set made from pure chrome steel is the classic amongst the three. All meat fondue sets consist of a food warmer, six forks, spray protection and filled paste burner.

Where to buy
You can find Kuhn Rikon products in Switzerland at: Manor, Globus, Coop City, Loeb, at qualified specialist dealers and in the Kuhn Rikon internet shop or at the factory outlet in Rikon. Outside Switzerland: at qualified specialist dealers and in retail.

Tips for cheese fondue
Gourmets and aesthetes attach equal importance to a nicely laid table as to a tasty meal. Surprise your guests with a cheese fondue that is slightly out of the ordinary and special side dishes.

  • Hot-blooded – refine the traditional cheese mix with Appenzeller or Roquefort.
  • Crispy – instead of white bread, offer nut bread and pain paillasse.
  • Fiery – if you like things hot, season the cheese fondue with green peppercorns or finely cut pepperoncini.
  • Fruity – serve pear and apple slices as well as grapes as a refreshing and light side dish.
  • Cracking – as side dishes serve briefly cooked vegetables, for instance carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, onions and mushrooms.
  • Spicy – refine the cheese fondue with oregano.