Because it tastes and good mood awakens!

fondue glamor

Inspired by the traditional Appenzell belt, the “Chüeligurt”,
a unique fondue caquelon has been created. The caquelons
are decorated with original stainless steel appliqués created
artistically in Switzerland by artisan leatherworkers.



Duromatic Comfort

Cook everything to perfection – thanks to Bluetooth and smartphone


For extra comfort and design

COLORI+ Knives

Our Colori®+ knives are ultra sharp in so many ways - quality, performance, color and Swiss design.


No compromise performers with sharp etched blade

JIU Knives

Nothing happens in the kitchen without decent knives. They should be
sharp and out of good quality steel. And the fabulous view of Swiss
mountain tops comes free with this easy-cutting ensemble.


From the stove directly to the table


The HOTPAN is the pot that cooks almost entirely by itself!
It carefully prepares meals and keeps them warm for up
to 2 hours. What is more, its contemporary design adds
a splash of colour to your kitchen.


absolutely splashy is the foldable design

Splatter Guard

Our popular Splatter Guard in a new folding design allows
you to stir and add ingredients while the splatter guard
stays on, protecting both you and your stovetop.


Professional-quality carbon steel!

Black Star

A true professional suitable for Swiss «Rösti»
and excellent frying.

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For over 100 years metal has been worked in Rikon. Today in this tradition-rich location Kuhn Rikon is still producing innovative Swiss made kitchen products (frying pans, pressure cookers, thermal cookware and kitchen aids) of the highest quality in an environmentally responsible manner and which enable cooking to be healthy and efficient.


KUHN RIKON has been enthusing the world of cooking since 1926 with innovative products for all that is involved in the preparation, serving and enjoyment of food. The Swiss family firm with its headquarters in Rikon has subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain and the USA.


Worldwide distribution, over-the-counter and online

Kuhn Rikon stainless steel pans, frying pans, cookware sets and accessories are available in more than 40 countries worldwide – in more and more marketplaces as well as online – via a global partner network of selected distributors and qualified specialist retailers.

More than 200 committed employees develop, produce and sell high quality cookware and functional accessories (kitchen gadgets) for healthy and efficient cooking. 

For decades the firm has enjoyed a significant lead with its knowledge of pressure cooking. The Duromatic brand is a well-known concept in many countries and the standard for high quality pressure cookers. Kuhn Rikon combines technology and know-how with advanced and environmentally friendly production at the tradition-rich location in Rikon. Customers and partners appreciate the Swiss made quality and just simply trust the brand.


Design award-winning frying pans, pots and kitchen gadgets

An unmistakeable Swissness also distinguishes the outstanding design of Kuhn Rikon products. The company has been running its own in-house design department since 2004. In recent years quite a few of the innovative and highly functional pots, frying pans and kitchen gadgets have won numerous design awards. Even the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) sells Kuhn Rikon products in its museum shop.

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