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an excellent Service
for Kuhn Rikon Cookware


Customers, who decide for a Kuhn Rikon product, profit from outstanding warranty services. Even if an article is not any more available, the spare parts for the swiss made items are – for another 15 years and sometimes even longer. The entire Kuhn Rikon branded product range will be repaired by our specifically trained specialists. Kuhn Rikon provides these exceptional services worldwide.


DUROTHERM® leakage check – Leakage test you can carry out at home.

How to test whether your DUROTHERM cookware is absolutely airand watertight:

1. Take off the side-grips and/or the handle.

2. Completely immerse the cold DUROTHERM cookware at an angle in a hot water bath (at least 50 ºC). Caution: protect your hands from the hot water!

3. If air bubbles start rising, this indicates that there is a leak. Do not use the cookware any more, and send it in to be checked.

4. If no air bubbles appear, the cookware has no leaks and you can continue to use.

5. Refit the side-grip or handle.

DUROMATIC® pressure cooker service



postal address for Switzerland

Service Center
CH-8486 Rikon

Tel. +41 52 396 03 50
Fax +41 52 396 02 92

E-Mail service@kuhnrikon.ch

Repairs recipt
factory shop in Rikon

Monday to Friday
09.00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m. 

09.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.

postal address for Germany

Service Center
CH-8486 Rikon

Telefon +49 (0) 711 6205 77 88


sending in for repair

Send us your cookware for repair or inspection. We will process your repair within one working day, and will deliver by post.

Would you rather not travel to the post office? With Webstamp from the Post Office, the postman comes to your home or to a workplace in Switzerland and picks up the package.

Please note that cost estimates for repairs will be made from an amount of more than CHF 50.- (or at the express customer's request). Any amount less than CHF 50.- will be charged directly.

* incl. VAT, plus shipping