Experience by tradition

From the "Pfannie" to KUHN RIKON AG

KUHN RIKON has been developing and producing products that facilitate cooking . since 1926, Here are some important stages in the development of KUHN RIKON AG, from the 19th century up to today.


The “Rykon Spinning Mill” is converted into a coppersmith’s and tinning shop owned by the Kindlimann brothers.


Heinrich Kuhn Metallwarenfabrik becomes Kuhn Rikon AG. Introduction of a new corporate identity and logo.


Heinrich Kuhn buys the Kindlimann brothers’ steel and copper pan manufactory, known locally as the "Pfanni."


Kuhn Rikon AG wins the prestigious marketing trophy.


The spread of electric hobs calls for a new technology in the production of pots and pans. Heinrich Kuhn develops the first aluminium “Duro” cookware suitable for electric hobs.


Kuhn Rikon underscores its expertise in cooking: the leading chef Rudolf Lehmann is employed to hold regular gourmet cooking classes. The company’s own herb garden is opened in Rikon with over 70 plants, some of them rare.


This brief start-up phase is interrupted by the premature death of Heinrich Kuhn. His 18-year-old son, Henri, takes over the management.


HOTPAN the energy-saving cook and serve revolution will be introduced worldwide and awarded with international design awards.

We celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of the company with all our employees on the Titlis mountain. Dr. Wolfgang Auwärter, the chairman of the board of directors, opens our Museum about the History of Cooking.


The establishment of a voluntary employee pension fund provides the employees and their families with additional security during the war years.


The technical lead is secured by an investment of several million Swiss Francs in the production, and underlines the clear commitment to the Rikon site and to "Swiss Made" quality.


Henri’s younger brother, the engineer Jacques, joins the company as technical director. Under the leadership of the two brothers, the company enjoys a satisfactory upswing.


The Duromatic pressure cooker which Jacques Kuhn invented and which can be found in every Swiss kitchen is celebrating its sixtieth year in existence.

The Health Promotion Switzerland foundation has awarded us the Friendly Work Space® label as the first SME in the canton of Zurich and one of the first companies in all of Switzerland. The label distinguishes companies for their systematic, sustainable and model occupational health care management. We are proud of this award!


Development of the DUROMATIC pressure cooker. This product is an instant hit, its name soon becoming synonymous with all pressure cookers. This highly successful product also becomes the company’s first export.


Kuhn Rikon is launching together with the ceramics expert Hanspeter Landert a complete range called Kochen am Tisch [cooking at the table], caquelons for cheese and meet fondue, rechauds and forks. Already in the first year, Kuhn Rikon achieved a leading market position in Switzerland.


Henri Kuhn dies at the early age of only 55. Jacques Kuhn takes over the sole management of the company.


Fourth generation on the Board of Directors - from left Philipp Kuhn, Dorothee Auwärter, Christian Kuhn and Willi Auwärter.

Launch of the DUROMATIC RELAX power steamer – a fully automatic pressure cooker for installation in the kitchen.

With the intuitive operation via a colour touch screen, Kuhn Rikon sets new standards for kitchen appliances in the household.


The first double-walled cookware with the triple benefits: Cooking, serving, keeping warm is patented and introduced to the worldwide market under the brand name Durotherm.


The fourth generation of the Kuhn and Auwärter-Kuhn owner families take responsibility of the board of directors (from left Philipp Kuhn, Dorothee Auwärter, Christian Kuhn and Willi Auwärter).


Jacques Kuhn hands over the reins to Dr. Wolfgang Auwärter-Kuhn and Hans-Heinrich Kuhn.


Our run of success shows no sign of stopping, we are continuing to win design awards such as GoodDesign, RedDot & the iF Award with our new products.


 Kuhn Rikon becomes the first enterprise in the consumer goods industry to have its quality management certified to ISO 9001.


In April 2014 Dorotee Auwärter takes over the chair of the board of directors as representative of the owners’ families and the 4thgeneration.


The “Brand Asset Valuator” by Advico Young & Rubicam once again names “KUHN RIKON” the best brand in terms of quality.

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