Brigitte Marsen

01. March 2015

The main thing is making sure my boss is alright!

Brigitte Marsen has been working for Kuhn Rikon for 27 years. As an experienced team leader, she knows how the land lies, and how the planning processes behind production and assembly can be optimised.

  • How long have you been working for Kuhn Rikon?
    Since February 1987.
  • Describe your field of work.
    My duties include planning the manufacture of Hotpans and service parts, as well as fine-tuning the planning for assembly. This in turn includes scheduling materials, with stock placement and removal. And I also make sure – highly important! – that Heinz (my boss) is alright :-) Additionally, I lend a helping hand wherever help is needed.
  • Describe your typical working day.
    First of all I clarify what exactly needs to be manufactured. Then I issue the individual orders and materials. There are always various major or minor problems in the daily routine that need to be solved quickly and objectively before everything can run smoothly. A highly diverse balancing act, you might say.
  • Do you have a favourite Kuhn Rikon product?
    At the moment, my favourite product is the Swiss Multiply frying pan, because it really is excellent for searing meat, and it’s also very easy to clean.
  • What job in the company would you like to take over for just one day?
    I’d like to be a designer for a day. Then I could let my imagination run wild. I think it must be really exciting to design something right from scratch.
  • Do you have a favourite recipe? If so, what is it?
    Thai curry. In lots of variations. I love combining ingredients spontaneously.

Brigitte Marsen
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