Esther Rüegg

01. March 2015


When customers shed a tear for their pans.

As team leader, Esther Rüegg is responsible for the Kuhn Rikon factory shop.
She knows what really matters in sales and what Kuhn Rikon customers want.


  • How long have you been with Kuhn Rikon?
    Since November 2006
  • What is your task area?
    As team leader, I am responsible for the factory shop together with my five staff. We enjoy advising some 20,000 customers a year. Amongst our main tasks are maintaining the product range, the provision of the goods as well as the presentation of the articles on sale, particularly of new lines and special promotions. We also run cooking demonstrations in our factory shop. Besides this I also have the pleasure of taking interested visitors on guided tours of the Kuhn Rikon production facility and the museum.
  • Which three Kuhn Rikon products would you recommend to a starter household?
    Einen Hotpan, eine Silverstar-Bratpfanne und ein tolles farbiges Kochmesser.
  • Can you recall a particular incident in the factory shop (e.g. with a customer, product, etc.)?
    It is always moving to see how much it pains our customers when they have to part from their old, much loved Kuhn Rikon pans. The tears certainly roll! We sales advisers face a particular challenge at such times. Kuhn Rikon pans are often linked with emotions and personal histories. When these customers then later leave our shop happy with a new product, we are particularly proud of our individual consultancy. Even the annual legendary warehouse sale always provides special experiences with our diverse customer base. And the popular request for an induction-compatible pan lid makes us grin every time. :-)
  • What is your personal favourite product and why?
    My Durotherm pressurecooker. As I make a hot lunch for my family every day, I am pleased to be able to do that in a way that saves time and energy. I find the keeping warm function congenial and very helpful, just simply the perfect symbiosis. In particular, I like my beautiful Noir cook’s knife and the Chop Chop, the chopping salad spinner.
  • Which position in the firm would you like to have for 1 day?
    I would really like to work on a shift in production.
  • Kuhn Rikon is…
    A fabulous place to work, which is full of variety and has a history full of tradition.

Esther Rüegg
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