Priska Bosshard

01. March 2015


The right and left hands of engineering

Priska Bosshard has been with Kuhn Rikon for a long time and is a proud ambassador for the brand, both in her professional capacity and in her self-awareness.


  • How long have you been working for Kuhn Rikon?
    Since October 1973 – as soon as I finished my vocational training! I celebrated 40 years of service in January.
  • Describe your field of work.
    I work in construction and development. When I started out, I was actually able to work together with Jacques Kuhn! In 1986, Kuhn Rikon introduced the first 2D CAD, and the drawing boards slowly began to disappear. In 2003, we moved forward again to 3D CAD with an integrated PDM system. Initially, the focus was more on designing tools. Today, I do a lot of free-form production designs. I’m the right and left hands of engineering and industrial design, so to speak.
  • Over the time you’ve been with the company, what would you regard as the ULTIMATE Kuhn Rikon product? Your favorite product, one you couldn’t imagine life without?
    The very handy and aesthetically pleasing thermal cookware, and the Relax Power Steamer.
  • You love cooking and baking. What piece of advice would you give to young mums who want to cook healthy meals, but don’t have much time?
    I can highly recommend the thermal cookware (DUROTHERM and HOTPAN). It’s energy-saving, and food stays hot for a long time. When you’re cooking a full meal, you can just put the pans to one side and the food carries on cooking. It’s a major advantage, because it means you don’t have to have everything ready at the same time, and time it all down to the minute – you can cook more at your leisure.
  • Kuhn Rikon is…
    In my opinion, Kuhn Rikon is the ultimate company! Most people know the company and value its quality products. I’m proud to be able to contribute to its good reputation. You know – “Turn the pan, see KUHN RIKON!”


Priska Bosshard
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