Seraina Weder

01. March 2015


Order is half the job

Do women find working in despatch easier? Do they have a more marked sense of order? And what is it good for?

We have talked to our logistics colleague Seraina Weder and she delivered her responses to us in a jiffy.


  • Since when have you been at Kuhn Rikon?
    Since February 2012.
  • What do you like about your work the most?
    The diversity, working independently and variety are what I like the most about my job.
  • Your favourite product by Kuhn Rikon?
    My favourite product is the frying pan with the ceramic coating. Above all, products in the colour fuchsia are my favourites.
  • "There has to be order" – what does a logistics person about this?
    One needs a system and order to be able to process orders faster and more efficiently. We work at it every day and are continually seeking to make additional improvements. :-)
  • Roughly how many packages/pallets does Kuhn Rikon despatch weekly?
    It varies with the season, about 300-400 packages go out and we despatch 100-200 pallets.
  • What is it like working in a team of men?
    Our team works well together and we treat each other very fairly. I enjoy the open, honest and funny manner the men have.
  • Do they make efforts to come across as gentlemen and help with particularly heavy packages or is it expected that as a woman you get stuck in just as much, along the lines of "after all this is what you have chosen to do"...
    I hold my own at work and get stuck in everywhere. So I don’t give the men any reason to get the gentlemen in them to make an extra effort. :-)


Seraina Weder
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