Cheese Fondue

01. October 2015

Fondue: For 6 persons


  • 900 – 1200 g mixed cheese from your cheesemonger
  • 400 g mild Greyerz
  • 400 g hot Greyerz
  • 300 g Appenzell
  • 100 g Emmental
  • 1 kg white bread
  • 6 level tsps cornflour (e.g. Maizena)
  • 600 ml dry white wine (e.g. Fendant or Gutedel)
  • 3 tsps lemon juice
  • 6 cloves of garlic, medium, coarsely chopped


Cut the bread into bite-sized cubes. Grate the Greyerz, Appenzell and Emmental cheese with the coarse side of the grater. Place the cheese in the caquelon. Sprinkle the cornflour over it, and add the white wine, lemon juice and garlic cloves.

Heat the mixture on high until the wine starts to boil, and then turn down to medium heat. Stir continually with a spatula. When stirring, make sure that the spatula always remains in contact with the bottom of the caquelon so that the cheese does not catch and burn.

As soon as a creamy mass forms, increase the heat so that the fondue bubbles up. Allow to simmer for 1 – 2 minutes and season to taste with pepper, nutmeg and paprika. Light the burner in the rechaud and place the caquelon with the simmering fondue mass on top of it and immediately continue to stir with the bread cubes skewered on the fondue forks.

During the meal make sure that the cheese mass is thoroughly stirred on a continuous basis. Now all you have to do is select your favourite accompaniment (see tips for cheese fondue) and the cosy get-together around the fondue will become a fine taste experience. Enjoy!


Tips for cheese fondue

Connoisseurs and aesthetes alike accord as much importance to a beautifully laid table as they do to fine food. Surprise your guests with an out-of-the-ordinary cheese fondue and special side dishes.

Classy : Enhance the traditional cheese mixes with Appenzell or Roquefort.
Crispy : Serve nutbread and pain paillasse instead of white bread.
Fiery : If you like it hot, spice up the cheese fondue with green peppercorns or chopped peperoncini peppers.
Fruity : Serve slices of pear and apple as well as grapes as refreshing and light accompaniments.
Crunchy : Serve parboiled vegetables as accompaniments, for example: carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, onions and mushrooms.
Herby : Enhance your cheese fondue with oregano.

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Cheese Fondue
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