Summer sekt spritzer with redcurrant and rosemary syrup

01. September 2016

Duromatic: For approx. 1 litre

Ingredients for the syrup

  • 1 kg redcurrants – when juiced produces about 850 ml
  • 450 g sugar
  • 6 – 8 sprigs of fresh rosemary (according to how aromatic you want the syrup)

Ingredients for the spritzer

  • 1/3 redcurrant and rosemary syrup
  • A small handful of ice cubes
  • 2/3 ice cold rosé sekt or crémant, for pouring on – according to taste either brut or demi sec
  • 1/3 soda water (those who like it drier should use tonic water, those liking it sweeter should use lemonade)
  • Fresh rosemary and some red currant trusses


To juice: wash the redcurrants, separate the currants from the trusses with a fork and place in the sieve of the Duromatic Juicer set.

Pour water onto the base inside the pressure cooker so that it is well covered (about 400 ml).

Then insert the juicer pot (in which the juice will be caught later) and then place the sieve inside with the red currants.

Close the pan in line with instructions, heat until cooking level 2 can be seen on the valve – then allow to cook for approx. 8 minutes whilst keeping an eye on it (the juicing starts now).

Then turn the hob off and place the still hot pan on one side and allow to cool completely – then open the pan carefully.

The juice has now been removed from the currants, you can also mash them with a potato masher to get the remaining juice out.

Reduce the syrup: place the red currant juice in a pan together with the sugar and bring to boiling point whilst stirring continually.

Add the fresh rosemary and allow to reduce down over about 7 minutes whilst cooking at a rolling boil.

Rinse out glass bottles as well as a funnel with boiling water and sterilise them.

Sieve the rosemary out of the syrup and fill the bottles with the hot syrup.

Sekt spritzer: fill a large glass with ice cubes, add the red currant syrup (quantity as desired according to taste), fill with ice cold rosé sekt or crémant and some soda water, serve with a fresh sprig of rosemary and a truss of red currants.


Summer sekt spritzer with redcurrant and rosemary syrup
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