Filled peppermint pancake with honeydew melon

01. July 2013

Crêpe Star: For 4 persons

Ingredients / Pancake batter

  • 90 g plain white flour, sieved
  • 20 g sugar
  • 220 g full milk
  • 70 g double cream
  • 90 g egg
  • 20 g melted butter
  • Grated rind of ½ lemon
  • Grated rind of ½ orange
  • 6 peppermint leaves, chopped finely
  • 40 g butter for frying


Mix the flour and sugar together. Add full milk and double cream, mix well until the mixture is lump-free. Then add the egg, once again mix well and pass through a sieve. Now add the melted, lukewarm butter as well as the grated lemon and orange peel. Mix the mass well, perhaps with a hand-held blender. Allow to rest for at least 30 minutes. Stir well once again before using and fold in the finely chopped peppermint leaves.

Heat up the pancake pan and use the butter to cook 8 thin pancakes. Allow to cool on a rack.

Ingredients / Filling

  • ½ honeydew melon, peeled, without seeds (approx. 400 g)
  • 40 dsp sugar
  • ½ dl white wine
  • Blossom honey for aroma


Cut the honeydew melon into small cubes of approx. 0.5 cm. Caramelise the sugar in a pan until it is golden yellow in colour, dowse with the white wine and bring to the boil. Add the melon, allow to simmer lightly until the liquid has reduced. Then add blossom honey to give the sweetness required.

Warm the pancakes in the oven and then divide up the lukewarm melon filling and fold over.


Serve with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Replace peppermint with lemon balm. Replace melon with other fruit such as mango, pineapple etc.

Rudolf Lehmann

Filled peppermint pancake with honeydew melon

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