Lamb cutlet in carrot crust

01. May 2014

Silver Star: For 4 persons

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 40 minutes


  • 8 lamb cutlets @ 70 g each, ready to cook
  • 10 cl red wine
  • 40 cl brown veal stock
  • Port to perfume
  • 10 g butter, cold
  • 60 g firm-cooking potatoes, peeled
  • 40 g egg white
  • 1 g thyme
  • Freshly milled salt and pepper
  • Some hot mustard for coating
  • Groundnut oil for frying

Preparatory work

  • Season lamb cutlets with freshly milled salt and pepper, brown rapidly in hot groundnut oil on all sides, then reduce the heat and fry all over on low heat; at the end of the cooking time, take out the meat, lay on a rack and allow to cool thoroughly. (The meat is pink.)
  • Pour away excess groundnut oil, de-glaze the remains of frying with red wine, bring to the boiling point, almost completely reduce and transfer to a small pan through a small sieve (red wine reduction).
  • Pluck thyme and chop coarsely.
  • Cut butter into small cubes and chill.


Add the veal stock to the red wine reduction, bring to the boil and reduce by approx. half. Season with freshly milled salt and pepper.

Finely grate the potatoes and press out well in a sieve. Add egg white and thyme, mix well and season well with freshly milled salt and pepper.

Coat the lamb cutlet on both sides with a little hot mustard and spread the potato mass over them thinly and evenly and press on well. (When this is done the egg white is pressed out of the potato mass slightly.)

Heat up a generous amount of groundnut oil in the frying pan and fry the lamb cutlet until crispy whilst turning occasionally.

Before serving bring the sauce to the boil, perfume with port and, using the hand-held blender, blend with the cold butter until the sauce becomes foamy. De-grease the pink fried lamb cutlet on kitchen paper, halving it diagonally if desired and serve immediately.


Serve with Ticino oven vegetables.

Rudolf Lehmann

Lamb cutlet in carrot crust

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