01. July 2014


Fresh full-fat milk or semi-skimmed milk

Milk powder

If desired, add 1-2 heaped tbsp of milk powder per 1l milk. Stir in well, allow to soak in for 15 minutes, and stir again (this prevents the yoghurt from separating, and improves the consistency); this step is optional.


Heat to 75 – 90°, stirring regularly. Leave for approx. 5 minutes.

Cool in a water bath

Cool down to 47°, then pour into a Durotherm pan, Hotpan or other container.

Add starter

Put a little milk in a bowl. Use 1-2 tbsp set yoghurt as a starter, and stir thoroughly into the 47° warm milk. By stirring the yoghurt into the milk, the temperature should decrease to 45°.

Keeping warm

Cooking utensils such as Durotherm or Hotpan are ideal, as the temperature remains very constant. Keep warm for 6-8 hours at a maximum temperature of 45°.
Control check: The fresh yoghurt should be set and have a fermented, dairy taste.


When the yoghurt is set, stir it well and fill it into glasses. Cool immediately, either in a water bath or in cold air. This helps retain the creamy consistency.
Depending on the pan you use – such as a Hotpan without the outer cover – you could place the pan straight into a water bath to cool it down faster, ensuring it stays set. Set yoghurt separates more.

Store in the fridge at 5°.

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