• difficulty


    very easy

    Little ingredients, very easy handling, very simple equipment, no experience


    Little ingredients, easy handling, simple Equipment, little experience

    medium difficulty

    many ingredients, average handling, normally equipped kitchen, moderate cooking experience


    many ingredients, difficult handling, well equiped kitchen, advanced cooking experience


    numerous ingredients, most difficult handling, very well equiped kitchen, to be well versed in cooking

  • expenditure of time

    expenditure of time

    up to 15 minutes
    up to 30 minutes
    up to 45 minutes
    up to 60 minutes
    exceeding 60 minutes
Braised ginger-red cabbage
Wild garlic-muffins
with smoked salmon and sour cream
Caramel pears
Cold veal kidneys royale
with tomato-herby vinaigrette
Stuffed Savoy cabbage rolls with cream sauce
Beluga lentils
with vegetables and tomatoes
Angel hair spaghetti in garlic sauce
with spinach and croûtons
Winter salad
with baked mozzarella
Pumpkin cream soup
Bright & tasty lentils
Bündner potato rösti
Risotto with gorgonzola and pear
A dream couple recipe
Bernese market soup
Strawberry ketchup
Frothed Potato Soup
with fresh majoran and caramelised bacon
Vermicelle- sponge cake roulade
Leek and potato soup
with bacon
Wild garlic spaghetti
with dry-cured ham
Delicious Aubergine Sandwiches
French Fennel
French style
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