DUROMATIC® Inox set 2.5 + 6L 24 cm | 2.5/6.0 l | BOX | silver

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Use and Care

  • For normal soiling use ordinary detergent.
  • For intensive soiling, scale and/or discoloration use a chromium steel cleaner - e.g. SWISS CLEANER.
  • The pot's surface can be damaged with abrasive cleaners and dishwashers.
  • The cookware is basically dishwashersafe but washing by hand affords better protection.
  • If washed regularly in the dishwasher, synthetic fittings may lose their shine and aluminium may oxidise or corrode.
  • Never remove food stuck to the pan with sharp objects such as knives, steel wool or scourers (scratches).
  • Limescale can also be easily removed with vinegar or lemon juice.

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