Roasting pots

Roasting pots

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The correct material of a roasting pan is almost as important for the taste as the ingredients and proper preparation. As a good roasting pan creates a delicious aroma and enables a fabulous result. So that Sunday roasts are guaranteed to be wonderfully tender and juicy, we braise them in the induction-friendly cast iron, or multi-layered, pot by Kuhn Rikon. This way we will escape making a complete hash of things and will be enjoying heaven-sent pleasure. Thanks to the small convex surfaces on the underside of the lid one can even cook in steam in the cast iron roasting pans – the steam condenses on the lid and the liquid falls back onto the food being cooked via the little nodules distributed there. This way everything remains nice and juicy.


Available in the range are not only round but also oval roasting pans in various sizes and colours.


For every kitchen there can therefore be found the matching product for beautiful cooking results. And, of course, all Kuhn Rikon roasting pans also look good in the oven as well.



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