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Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives

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Just as most women can never have enough shoes, amateur cooks and chefs can never resist a knife. Ultimately, each one meets a specific purpose. And whilst too many cooks spoil the broth, a large range of different knives do go some way to facilitate the preparation of every menu.


The Kuhn Rikon knife range leaves no wishes unmet. And so you will find the most varied of blade shapes for every application. As well as the very widespread and well-known models such as cook's knives, bread knives, vegetable knives and carving knives, there are also more exotic models in the webshop such as the santoku and nakiri knives as found in Japanese households or the cleaver found throughout Asia. It does not matter whether you hack, cut, chop, carve, shred, pare or otherwise “cut up small” meat, vegetables, fruit or herbs. There is the right product for every household and every job.


And, of course, things are also looking colourful in the Kuhn Rikon knife department. Individual models are available in more than 10 shades.


It goes without saying that all blades – manufactured in high quality blade steel – are extremely sharp and have lasting cutting power.

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