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Pressure cookers

Pressure cookers

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With the first high pressure cooker with spring valve Kuhn Rikon presented a worldwide innovation as far back as 1949. Today its DUROMATIC simply sets the standard for Premium High Pressure Cookers: dishes are prepared quickly, simply and gently.


Three overpressure relief valves ensure safety. The fully automatic lid lock prevents opening whilst the pan is still under pressure. The materials selected guarantee a long working life. By the way, with the DUROMATIC high pressure cooker you can not only prepare Swiss specialities such as “Gschwellti” or “Caramelchöpfli”. How would you like to prepare risotto in only 7 minutes! Not a problem with the DUROMATIC. You too can trust the original from Switzerland!


Pressure cooker cooking inspires everyone. On the one hand, because the sophisticated technology, which is continually being perfected, meets the highest quality and safety requirements and, on the other, you can find the right model to match every need, meeting your own personal requirements.


The high pressure cookers are available as side handle and  long handle models as well as in the sizes of 2.5 litres – for the single household – with up to 12 litres, for large families and catering operations. In addition, you can find the matching accessories such as steamer inserts (also stackable), lids and spare parts in the webshop.

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